Robyn Lingard Therapy & Consultancy, specialising in:
v Anxiety and depression
v Couple counselling for marriages and partnerships
Life can be tough

Anxiety, depression and relationship tensions are common to us all.

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At such times, you may feel overwhelmed and unable to cope. You may also have the same reoccurring thoughts and repeat similar behaviours, without feeling better & without becoming any closer to the person you long to be.

You are not alone

During such times, it is important to remember: You are not alone, You have choices, You have power, and there is hope.

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Counselling can help:

  • better understand yourself
    and your problems.
  • enrich your relationships
  • manage your life in a
    more fulfilling way.
  • bring about personal
    and spiritual growth.
You can move forward with strength

In arranging an appointment with me, you will
have the opportunity to talk about whatever is troubling you. Each session will offer you a confidential and safe place to explore sensitive and important issues.

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We will work together so:

  • You can gain insights into your challenges
  • You can draw on your own strengths
  • You can approach your life in a fresh way.

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